New Content – Butcher and Flash Fiction

The next round of content is up, including an Interview with Jim Butcher, a spotlight on Flash Fiction Online, and an essay regarding a way to start your story without starting with a character.

Interview with Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher

Why did you choose to be a writer over other careers and were their other careers that you considered?

Yes, there were several other careers that I considered. I started off trying to go through computer programming, and electrical engineering, and then I met engineers and that went out the window, so I decided to come at computers through managing information systems, and then I met accounting mathematics and so that went out the window. So then I thought it would be nice to be a teacher, since I always thought that would be something nice to do, but then I had to observe teachers in their natural environments for the courses, and I realized that teachers were some of the most miserable people I had seen in my life. So then I sort of bottomed out in English…read more here!

Flash Fiction Online

What they are looking for: Great stories with heart, beautiful writing, and deft storytelling. It also makes me very happy when authors read and heed our guidelines…read more here!

Character Foremost, Not First

Open any book on the craft of writing and you’re going to see some familiar advice. Try to write every day. Read more work from writers you admire. Seek out feedback from readers you trust. Character, not plot, must always come first and foremost in your writing…read more here!

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