Below are spotlights on literary journals that accept Speculative Fiction. If you’d like to see a spotlight on a specific journal, or have your journal spotlighted, check out Get Involved. New spotlights ever two weeks!

  • The Tandem Region Times, 2014/7/22 – This fictional online newspaper has revolutionized the horror genre with it’s journalistic form and intriguing stories.
  • Far Off Places, 2014/7/8 – Accepting prose and poetry, Far Off Places, is a journal of written whimsy featuring submissions that are curious and unexpected.
  • Fantasy Scroll Magazine, 2014/6/22 – Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror, or anything paranormal, Fantasy Scroll features it in its quarterly journal.
  • Black Treacle, 2014/5/15 – The Black Treacle is a bi-monthly journal primarily featuring horror and dark fantasy.
  • Flash Fiction Online, 2014/6/1 – This monthly journal features all genres, but focuses on flash fiction, publishing stories of 500-1000 words.

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