Spotlight on Flash Fiction Online

Flash Fiction Online


Featured Genres: All genres except gore and erotica

Length Requirements: 500-1000 words

Submission Window: Rolling

Contributor Compensation: $60 per story

Publication Schedule: Monthly

Formats published: Electronic

Why they started their journal: More markets were needed for flash fiction at the time.

Base of operations: USA, but worldwide online publication

What they are looking for: Great stories with heart, beautiful writing, and deft storytelling. It also makes me very happy when authors read and heed our guidelines.

What they are tired of seeing: I’d be lying if I said ‘nothing.’ We have a list of ‘hard sells’ in our guidelines on our submission page, here: The newest addition to that list, though, is The Playboy–stories in which women (or men) are objectified. Also, authors really need to understand the concept of withholding, when to use it effectively and how to avoid using it incorrectly

Tips for writers: Write, read lots of spec-fic, and write something as completely unlike anything you’ve read as you possibly can. It’s speculative. Speculate! Be creative and clever. Believability is also a concern. We see a lot of spec-fic in which the idea is interesting but the author has not successfully achieved a suspension of disbelief.  

Additional Information: Just that it’s awesome! Seriously, we put out very short fiction. You can read one of our stories while waiting for the train, or on a coffee break. Still, as tempting as it might be, please don’t read and drive! 


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